This is the End_

this is not a positive note or something to get u out of depression

this is my way to tell the  feeling i have right in this moment.

i simply had enough of life now

i stay strong for so long and i think i can be busy with my work,then i will be okay

but work is the thing that kept me from alive

i never tried suicide but i cant stop thinking about it

i am on this journey alone for this long and now , i had enough


the bully at work ,the responsibility i had when i was young,the trust i lost during time ,finally i  forgot how to smile


i dont blame depression for being part of my life

Depression actually gives me a reason to be sad


Now,i think i have lost hope towards life and myself


this is the first time and last time i give up

at least this time is for me only


The hustle life means…..(normal PPL

Q: how many of us are allowed to speak our mind at work?

“No” is my answer

U know what i dont really care about culture in terms to human rights

I mean without human resource what a company would look like, can any the management image?

Well, for one,there will not be any management team whatever

In fact, listen to ur employees about what they have to say since they are the ones who do all the “dirty work”.

When it comes to dismiss a department or team, stop making decisions behind the doors,Because no hardworking employees deserve to let go with ” It was great to work with u all but …..’ or ‘sorry,we have to let u go”

Hey, fuck off, who do u get make that decisions when u never hear a thing from ur staff.

Also, nobody should have taken the blame for a management team ‘s inability (total personal experiences)

So, u all know what I am going for now ‘ Listen to ur staff and take care of them cause that’s part of ur Job description !’

10 things i learned working as fashion editor (for rookie)

  1. It is never about Fashion

  2. It is never a glamour job

  3. Fashion Editors can be shady when it comes to shooting with celebrates

  4. People in  the industry are  faking a smile  all the time

  5.  U will not making a great amount of money at the beginning (actually u only can cover ur rent at first)

  6. Hanging out with PRs is a great way of making extra cash

  7.   U should pretend u know shit

  8.  Be confident and creative, it will get u farther 

  9.  Aware of sexual harassments at all time

  10.  It is hard to get in so when u r in ,do not exit till u had enough of money &fame

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The thank u note


i first start this blog to share some positive energy in my life and recently i realize the past few posts are so pathetic and full of complains about the wrongs of my life.

I dont have any excuses about that but now i have to tell myself to change and try to see the wonderful in the world and live.

for the last 2 weeks i ve been having insomnia, it is not because i drank too much coffee or anything ( i quit coffee for like 2 wks now) . I only thought it was stress until 2 days ago , i came down with a really bad flu and fever.( Just for ur information, i had a fever only 1 month ago  and back to uni, i only got sick once a year and i drunk,smoke and clubbing all the time)

The i realize i never admit to myself that my anxiety is actually taking over. i never thought my anxiety is this serious,  i guess my body did realize it .

i dont really know what to do but actually live more positively from now on, surround myself with good energy .

for once  , i will have a thank u note everyday to see the good in all the bad of my life.

i know i am scared of so many things .

I dont trust anyone but myself not even my parents.

i told myself every time my life couldn’t get any worse but life just kept having me in the most challenging position.

i worried i would never be successful and employed again, an i even though through when i want to die and wrote a suicide  note already. For now, nothing is changed but an adult realization.

i have thought of giving up but the little self-esteem i have in me kept me going for so long .

Today, i want to thank myself for holding on for this long.

ANd i will say this to myself , u r gonna to be  okay just hold on.

xo Eri


The take overs in fashion

when u r business major,u tend to think everything in a rational way or that is what u should be.

with my remaining passion towards fashion industry so far, i will discuss some crazy things in fashion industry by uactually put my degree in good use.


Brand take overs

Coach buys Kate Spade New york.

Well, hands down for Coach, great business move  as far as i concerned.  This is for sure a well thought take over.  From a business point, Coach does targeted more customer segments than Kate Spade. THe classical Coach bag and the new come back collection with a series of celebrate support ,also, have mention Ariana Grande ‘s dog. Who thought of that.

Kate spade, on the other hand, well, decent price and weridly though materials on their accessories . It’s hard as rock in a bad way. Besides their fun, bright theme park style, they do lack of copmetitive advantages compare to other brands ( cue the Moschino show).

So in conclusion, it’s win for both sides. BUT we all have wait and see for a long run…


Kors takes Choo

I was a bit shocked when i heard about this ..

why Choo,why, just WHY!!!

i dont really know what actually happened in the Choo house but i really though Choo is doin fine with its Shoe collection . ……..

OKay, now i kinda of get it , i mean besides that, Choo didn’t really put out some high profiled items out there. Yeah, they did luch that collection of  Candy clutch. But Kors sales more on thoes.  Still, Kors does give out some “cheap products ”vibe……

all in all,  personally, i do think Choo is trying to expand their markets. We will come back to this in 6 months….

So if u r here to judge my thoughts then go somewhere else caues my editor already jumped on that.

If u r here to offer more data and share ur thoughts as a customer. Then fire away.


Stay icy~




it is a tough topic to talk about, so i will skip my usual jokes.

Firsly of all, this is happening in every cultural, every industry and most imprantly ,everyone’s personal life.

For me, when i reflect on my life. i have a period that i balmes myself for whatever happened on me (the reason for my depression)

(okay, i’ll fucking skip those misreable past since i need to move on)

And with all the experiences i went through, i am as well a victim of bully.

For the record, when u r been bullied u will know. People may  not realize they r bulling someone but the victim will know.

There are so many reason that people are been bullied but for whatever reason ,IT IS NOT OKAY.

# u r the newbie

#u r fat

#u t the DUFF

#u r not from here

#  u r from the hood


take a look of people around me and tell me if u felt down simply because someone’s comments

People who are famous, they r bing cyber-bullied by those who hide behind a screen


so whereever u r, stand up and speak out