All the sh*t i could have said

I might arrive in a stage of my life that i need to speak out and  just vent


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In my years, I have been rejected in jobs,school and people and still. i never once lose myself just simply because I disagree. People have constantly judge me by my education and looks. Now , i have had enough.

# i am a feminist

# i know i am not great but i fucking try to be better

# i have been through hell and still in the dark so stop pointing figures on my life

# i do have my own option and thoughts

#i don’t have many things but pride is one last thing i will never give up on

# i do have a suicide note in my laptop somewhere 

#i do want to plan my death

# Yes, i have Cyclothymia  

# i am tired of people sugar-coating everything 

# I was raised rich but not anymore

#i keep it to myself because i don’t want to lie to anyone

# don’t ever promise my anything since u can’t keep them 

# don’t ever slander me in front of my parents

# i do think i am adopted

#i don’t talk trash because i know better and raised with kind 

Finally, i  just want to  tell those who r going through depression , that u have been through  what others could not image and yet, u r still willing to fight through it so u will be fine and u r fine. 

u r much stronger than u thought and  u need no fix. 








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