Note to K pop fans: With aggressive truthful comments so when I say I don’t like EXO I mean really don’t with respect no love.💕

Also, i would write this post in Korean but according to my tutor in Korean my writing is my weakest subject so I ‘ll just take her words for it.

There are some notes to help u get into the Kpop world:📒

If u r over 18👴, u r a late starter in K pop= u r the definition of too old for the business

If u r under YG JYP or SM entertainment ,then u r in luck🎉

If u r ugly but with talent then the company contract comes with a nose job, double lid surgery and the list goes on 👃👁✋

If u started preparing to be famous since 16 and u r not famous yet then chill, u may need to wait in line for years🏆

If u r not the one who can sing or dance then u should probably go on acting or variety show📺

If u r in an idol group so be aware that u will be bullied when u go on a hiphop program as an individual😱

If u want to be involved in a relationship❤️ then u have to be famous and making loads of money for your company💰

If u r a model then u better know how to sing or act cause it’s the full package🏃

If u r in hiphop then u can do and say whatever u want.

SO lets begin with my kinds of Kpop by ignoring all the rules above.

Kim Jaejoong from JYJ:  my first Kpop loves🎵_ 김제중

Teen Top_I’m sorry & Warning sign❤️❤️💗They are Just some normal boys👦 with crazy talent, fun personality , incredible positive vibe and most importantly modesty AF. Now u can tell I’m a huge teen top fan😇. Even though, they signed a company (Top Media) which has no ideas how amazing they r.

AOMG🌐: Amazing talented hiphop crew that always lit but a bit of club-rat vibe 💃so just love their music and inspirational life story of ‘start from the bottom to the top’ 💪without actually living in their music .

Jay park ft.Gray Drive

Jay Park 

Simon Dominic_

I know AOMG has more than 4 artists (jay park,Gray, Simon D & Loco) but honestly, do u really care about the rest of them.

Zion T: Great musician but boring personally 😢
ILLIONAIRE💵: I do try to find the best definition for Illionaire crew besides prise on their music but u know what,They r the definition of I’m rich so what.

Dok2 ft. The Quite

Beenzino_so what

CL+_Lift 👩: I am all about girl power and now, u have this one. I am always impressed by her make up ( you should google her bare face) . CL might just be the best female rapper in Korea so everybody else can just piss off for now cause this bitch ain’t care. 👑

Bewhy_Forever: if u r a hard-core hiphop so check this out, he is just dope AF. 👑

This is not a long lists which is hard to believe for a Kpop fan.

But you know what, if i really gonna write about Kpop, this could be a book since i m not interested in writing a book so lets just finish this up here.

BTW, it is another story if we get into Korea variety TV shows and i have run out of criticism for the day so Bye.




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