Beauty Hacks

If you  expect this post is going to easy up your lifestyle or save some time for your morning routine then  go subscribe to Roxxsaurus & Wengie(they have the best beauty and life hack videos) after read this.

However, if u want to hear some harsh truth about being in shape and beautiful on the outside then u r here to stay cause i got u, girl! 💄🌹👩 i would say boys & girls until this is proven useful for my brother)

1: Don’t eat chocolate🍫🍫anytime anywhere under any circumstance .

Remember this because that’s how you get zits on your chin (me now) and the major issues for your diet and work out plan.

when i say no chocolate, i mean all of them like Rockyroad, Milkway, Mars bar, KitKat or any kind of sweets with a child-approved awesome name that would potentially  send u to the plus size section or laser treatment clinic.

Now please repeat after me, NO Chocolates🍫🍫🍫!

2: Never go near a Beauty counter that is over crowded.

Normally, those are over praised products by beauty blogger or K drama. 80% of the time, they will not appear glowing on u.

3:If you r easy car-sick,boat-sick or any kinds of sickness might related to smell then stay the hell away from YSL beauty lip products💄( Verified by me and I don’t even know i can get car-sick)

4:Since this is about beauty and i want to be taken seriously so i have a list of cosmetics ingredients that causes trouble for your skin .

⚠️⚠️Be Aware of extreme  complicated  professional terms⚠️⚠️

Safe to use Y/N
Myristyl Myristate
Wheat Germ oil
Ethylthexyl Paimitate
Potassium Sorbate
Benzyl Alcohol
Myristyl Lactate
Zea may Oil

I know it is some big words and to be honest, no one would check for these while you r buying make ups and try to  ask the sales they would tell u “JUST BUY THE Bloody foundation since you have tried all sets of products ” in a really nice way .

Better yet,  see a dermatologist🏥 for best advice.

5: Stop being the DUFF (Destined Ugly Fat Friend), so basically take your time  dress up  💃💃whenever u go out with friends even close friends who have gone on holiday for millions of times.

6: Ask for make up samples that can be carried in your mini tote bag 👜  ( only applied to when u purchased a  great amount of products and don’t steal)

U have to realise everyone got a HD camera 📷and nowadays photographers find their models on the streets (it happened to me twice except  they casted my  friends🐍🐍) or even mug shots so pose and smile whenever u got pulled up by the police.

7: I would tell u not eat spicy food and get hooked on Kale,  but I just had a Fire chicken 🔥instant noodle 🍜and i don’t like the awfully smell of freshness  so just go to your local Press Juice or live with your parents.

8:Go for the Beauty products that puts their staff into a white lab coat (CLINIQUE & KIEHL’S) and reasonably  over priced.

I would tell u to ask if it is suitable for baby👶 but don’t really want to get political.

Finally, thank you for reading this and hope you have updated  your beauty collection and made an appointment with the dermatologist.🏥

The most important  beauty hack is to be you with more discipline.

Now lets raise our glasses with lemon water🍋🍋 and cheers to our flawless morning face after a decent one night stand(or else).  ❤️

All love to every single one of u ✨✨


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