the worst JOB interview ever

( this is part my life and maybe some others people’s life )


How many job interviews can u do in a life time ? the answer would be countless unless u r an entrepreneur then u ‘ll free from the hustle!

First of all, i have went to many job interview to know what kind of manager they are and what kind of people u will be working with ( not to be cocky but the key is to look them in the eyes……..)

This friday, it ‘s pulling the whole day and still i managed to go to the interview at in Beijing. ( i am just gonna the name out there since i gotta the right of speak and i really dont give a F***)

I was worried i was going to be late so i called ahead to let the HR know then i managed to find the company in a samll alley way .(they got like a Villa with their two-part of the business (onlylady&KIMISS)

waited for a while and got my interviewer。。。

i said Hi ,didn’t really get a greeting back (okay, it raining and its friday so whatever ..)

Then she went straight to ” lets hear ur self introduction then”

Sure, did those loads of time in UK how hard to do in Chinese.

BLAHBLAH…(u get how u need to show u self to impress someone)

While i am talking, she is literally reading my CV without acknowledging me , i mean WTF, what the point of me talking if u dont even pay attention to it….(should just give u a minute to read the page or …..)

what annoys the most is she just give me the look of “u r all right and i am better ‘

Then she is like ‘so u dont really have like two months experiencing working  in CHINA then”

i am like ‘yeah’  just moved back to China or like 7 month so ….(but since when working experience in another contury doesn’t count as working Experiences !!!! i mean hello!

So lets continue, just forget the fact i worked during every uni holiday in UK.

Then she starts to judge  my salary exception which i wrote 7k up (in RMB) , i dont really get why since their job subscription clearly wrote 6k-8k. i fucking wrote a number in between so if u cant offer that much money dont write that much to confuse people. Truth runs both ways/\!!!!!!!

What annoys me the most is she just keeping giving the vibe that i am not great like her.

U know how i get the vibe ? she just kept bragging about how she manage the whole team and got all the connection by herself ….i mean WOW,real impressive !

Then she continues like ” do u have other questions ” i am like i did asked a few but u answered them by telling how great u r so i am done……

In the end ,i just want to get out there and have a cigarette .

i have never met someone like that ,girl! u need to learn how to respect other people .

I have done many interviews in UK and Korea, i never met any manager that shows no respect and interest on the interviewees!!

They all shows their interest and what i have to say and my understanding about the job and the company. Some of them even take notes.

i dont know its a culture thing or i just have shit luck but i was pissed and i have to talk about it cause this is not okay and in someway this is why bully happened in workplace.

so i said it now, i have to ,i cant stand people who doesnt respect others no matter what ur social status is and  in what kind of situation .!



so next time we will have something fun ~



What CVs actually said

DO u still remember how excited u were when u graduated form uni and all ready to conquer the world💪?

I sure remember how proud i am when i wrote my resume or Curriculum Vitae ( if anyone even bothered to Google the term👁)

Then, when my email is loaded with’ sorry,unfortunately,maybe and followed with a hash no. i started to feel like i have had a terrible flu which i will never recover from😷.

AND Maybe this is what i should have put in my CV or just slip a email for any HR department.

After all, we all get our confident crashed at some point so why just save the bull shits which people might just end up skipping .

So there is what CVs are meant to say:


To  "whoever in charge",

before u make a call to deliver the bad news

Please hear me out

I'm in the point that I am ashamed of taking money from my parents whom never believe me enough to let me go.

Tired of seating in my chair and doing some projects that no one gives a fuck. And yet, I think it's meant something.

I m also experienced depression and may have passed it whenever people tell me I can't .

I have been told so many things but they all have the same message started with "No'".I'm not proud anymore or to anyone.

I still try not to waste or freeze my brain cells by challenging myself with things I haven't heard of.

So far, all I experienced is the anger and pity to myself while watching others success.

I have been somebody 's daughter , sister, friend, girlfriend, classmate for so long the only thing I want is to have my own" 's"

I know no company with a high profile will hire a person with little or even zero experience like me and I respect that.

However, the only thing I can promise is to give my every bit of hard work as any human has.

All I ask is an opportunity to be able to live my life . Take me as a charity case or a risk or whatever u think I am

But in the end, I am willing to work hard, fight for a better version of me and not let me down. At last, what I have is respect to myself.

Now feel free to add another stroke to my list of rejections.