What CVs actually said

DO u still remember how excited u were when u graduated form uni and all ready to conquer the world💪?

I sure remember how proud i am when i wrote my resume or Curriculum Vitae ( if anyone even bothered to Google the term👁)

Then, when my email is loaded with’ sorry,unfortunately,maybe and followed with a hash no. i started to feel like i have had a terrible flu which i will never recover from😷.

AND Maybe this is what i should have put in my CV or just slip a email for any HR department.

After all, we all get our confident crashed at some point so why just save the bull shits which people might just end up skipping .

So there is what CVs are meant to say:


To  "whoever in charge",

before u make a call to deliver the bad news

Please hear me out

I'm in the point that I am ashamed of taking money from my parents whom never believe me enough to let me go.

Tired of seating in my chair and doing some projects that no one gives a fuck. And yet, I think it's meant something.

I m also experienced depression and may have passed it whenever people tell me I can't .

I have been told so many things but they all have the same message started with "No'".I'm not proud anymore or to anyone.

I still try not to waste or freeze my brain cells by challenging myself with things I haven't heard of.

So far, all I experienced is the anger and pity to myself while watching others success.

I have been somebody 's daughter , sister, friend, girlfriend, classmate for so long the only thing I want is to have my own" 's"

I know no company with a high profile will hire a person with little or even zero experience like me and I respect that.

However, the only thing I can promise is to give my every bit of hard work as any human has.

All I ask is an opportunity to be able to live my life . Take me as a charity case or a risk or whatever u think I am

But in the end, I am willing to work hard, fight for a better version of me and not let me down. At last, what I have is respect to myself.

Now feel free to add another stroke to my list of rejections.