Note to K pop fans: With aggressive truthful comments so when I say I don’t like EXO I mean really don’t with respect no love.💕

Also, i would write this post in Korean but according to my tutor in Korean my writing is my weakest subject so I ‘ll just take her words for it.

There are some notes to help u get into the Kpop world:📒

If u r over 18👴, u r a late starter in K pop= u r the definition of too old for the business

If u r under YG JYP or SM entertainment ,then u r in luck🎉

If u r ugly but with talent then the company contract comes with a nose job, double lid surgery and the list goes on 👃👁✋

If u started preparing to be famous since 16 and u r not famous yet then chill, u may need to wait in line for years🏆

If u r not the one who can sing or dance then u should probably go on acting or variety show📺

If u r in an idol group so be aware that u will be bullied when u go on a hiphop program as an individual😱

If u want to be involved in a relationship❤️ then u have to be famous and making loads of money for your company💰

If u r a model then u better know how to sing or act cause it’s the full package🏃

If u r in hiphop then u can do and say whatever u want.

SO lets begin with my kinds of Kpop by ignoring all the rules above.

Kim Jaejoong from JYJ:  my first Kpop loves🎵_ 김제중

Teen Top_I’m sorry & Warning sign❤️❤️💗They are Just some normal boys👦 with crazy talent, fun personality , incredible positive vibe and most importantly modesty AF. Now u can tell I’m a huge teen top fan😇. Even though, they signed a company (Top Media) which has no ideas how amazing they r.

AOMG🌐: Amazing talented hiphop crew that always lit but a bit of club-rat vibe 💃so just love their music and inspirational life story of ‘start from the bottom to the top’ 💪without actually living in their music .

Jay park ft.Gray Drive

Jay Park 

Simon Dominic_

I know AOMG has more than 4 artists (jay park,Gray, Simon D & Loco) but honestly, do u really care about the rest of them.

Zion T: Great musician but boring personally 😢
ILLIONAIRE💵: I do try to find the best definition for Illionaire crew besides prise on their music but u know what,They r the definition of I’m rich so what.

Dok2 ft. The Quite

Beenzino_so what

CL+_Lift 👩: I am all about girl power and now, u have this one. I am always impressed by her make up ( you should google her bare face) . CL might just be the best female rapper in Korea so everybody else can just piss off for now cause this bitch ain’t care. 👑

Bewhy_Forever: if u r a hard-core hiphop so check this out, he is just dope AF. 👑

This is not a long lists which is hard to believe for a Kpop fan.

But you know what, if i really gonna write about Kpop, this could be a book since i m not interested in writing a book so lets just finish this up here.

BTW, it is another story if we get into Korea variety TV shows and i have run out of criticism for the day so Bye.




Beauty Hacks

If you  expect this post is going to easy up your lifestyle or save some time for your morning routine then  go subscribe to Roxxsaurus & Wengie(they have the best beauty and life hack videos) after read this.

However, if u want to hear some harsh truth about being in shape and beautiful on the outside then u r here to stay cause i got u, girl! 💄🌹👩 i would say boys & girls until this is proven useful for my brother)

1: Don’t eat chocolate🍫🍫anytime anywhere under any circumstance .

Remember this because that’s how you get zits on your chin (me now) and the major issues for your diet and work out plan.

when i say no chocolate, i mean all of them like Rockyroad, Milkway, Mars bar, KitKat or any kind of sweets with a child-approved awesome name that would potentially  send u to the plus size section or laser treatment clinic.

Now please repeat after me, NO Chocolates🍫🍫🍫!

2: Never go near a Beauty counter that is over crowded.

Normally, those are over praised products by beauty blogger or K drama. 80% of the time, they will not appear glowing on u.

3:If you r easy car-sick,boat-sick or any kinds of sickness might related to smell then stay the hell away from YSL beauty lip products💄( Verified by me and I don’t even know i can get car-sick)

4:Since this is about beauty and i want to be taken seriously so i have a list of cosmetics ingredients that causes trouble for your skin .

⚠️⚠️Be Aware of extreme  complicated  professional terms⚠️⚠️

Safe to use Y/N
Myristyl Myristate
Wheat Germ oil
Ethylthexyl Paimitate
Potassium Sorbate
Benzyl Alcohol
Myristyl Lactate
Zea may Oil

I know it is some big words and to be honest, no one would check for these while you r buying make ups and try to  ask the sales they would tell u “JUST BUY THE Bloody foundation since you have tried all sets of products ” in a really nice way .

Better yet,  see a dermatologist🏥 for best advice.

5: Stop being the DUFF (Destined Ugly Fat Friend), so basically take your time  dress up  💃💃whenever u go out with friends even close friends who have gone on holiday for millions of times.

6: Ask for make up samples that can be carried in your mini tote bag 👜  ( only applied to when u purchased a  great amount of products and don’t steal)

U have to realise everyone got a HD camera 📷and nowadays photographers find their models on the streets (it happened to me twice except  they casted my  friends🐍🐍) or even mug shots so pose and smile whenever u got pulled up by the police.

7: I would tell u not eat spicy food and get hooked on Kale,  but I just had a Fire chicken 🔥instant noodle 🍜and i don’t like the awfully smell of freshness  so just go to your local Press Juice or live with your parents.

8:Go for the Beauty products that puts their staff into a white lab coat (CLINIQUE & KIEHL’S) and reasonably  over priced.

I would tell u to ask if it is suitable for baby👶 but don’t really want to get political.

Finally, thank you for reading this and hope you have updated  your beauty collection and made an appointment with the dermatologist.🏥

The most important  beauty hack is to be you with more discipline.

Now lets raise our glasses with lemon water🍋🍋 and cheers to our flawless morning face after a decent one night stand(or else).  ❤️

All love to every single one of u ✨✨

Little fashionary_London

2nd stop: London

If u didn’t read my last post,go back to it or don’t ,please  read this one then.

Still all images credited to Vogue.com( both US&UK).

Finally, we r in London now. Wait, u r read about the London fashion week ( wow, this is not sad at all) so cheer up,fam!


Every year, the Burberry show is always the talk of the Tate Britain. Apparently, not all the runway shows go live on Regent street or do they, i don’t know how Brexit works so.

I have to say, the 2017 collection is just on point. The brand create something magical indeed with the basic colour. I mean we can all wear black white and grey.Not a basic girl then wear your jumper strangely or backward. The collection is classic ,feminie and the best of all u can share with your boyfriend. (Well, lets face it, who doesn’t love a charming British gentleman). On a personal level, I had my first job in Burberry retail so i am gonna give this a A+. (its my post so deal with it)


Topshop Unique

This is the brand completed most of  my OOTD. And ithe only brand that i can find the right jeans for my body. Don’t really think i need more caption than that.



Remember my perfect prom and graduation ceremony dress, not recall? never mind cause i never made it.

I guess this year u don’t need a dress since we got some pantsuits. I mean i can never wear these leather shorts without a decent diet but a girl can dream,rights. and i am pretty sure velvet is the new hit and go on get those velvet out ( not corduroy though). My favourite is the soft peach pants with back mash top. I can definitely rock that when i finally knows how to wear heels properly.

Christopher Kane

U know it’s really hard to get the rules of how creative works in human mind.

The brand surely impressed surprised everyone a very graphic and sexual dress back in xxxx. But forget about that (if you can) this year, the brand had the spring floral print and simple British chic.

JW Anderson

Oh, I’m really in love with the pieced handbag. And besides that, i don’t get the hype about the brand. (BTW, where is the runway,maybe profit made by the handbag didn’t boost the sale enough for the brand to get a larger space. )

Versus Versace

I do dig the make up and one-eye hair style.


Love some glitter and diamond or dream of life as Paris Hilton then this is your show. Also,  the make up is really loud, it literally screams  for Peking Opera mins the head sets. Or at least u know whats the Halloween trend for 2017 and it could be kids friendly.



I can finally wear my Dad’s Pleats Jacket and pass as stylish. Thanks to Mulberry, those dated brown dressed in your grandma’s basement, get them out and clean them! u have no idea how . And maybe your duvet cover can come to rescue if u only run out of ideas on what to wear.

Charlottle Olympia

There are always some brands I will try it on and  pick it up whenever i go to the department store,yet, never brave enough to buy it for obvious reasons,Charlotte Olympia is one of them and Hood by Air. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful but i guess i am just not convinced.

Okay, i am gonna put an end on this post. There are over 150 designers from A to Z  and will showcase their work. With all respect, i am not going to cover all of them even though i have not seen Saint Laurent ( maybe I’ve seen similar).

Unfortunately, I  am not going to do Millan &Paris. If you need to get to the details about fashion week , buy a ticket ,fly there. Alternatively ,you can just read the professional reports  from Vogue.com .

Finally, I also want to say thank you to all the designers , tillers and backstage stuff for putting together some amazing shows every year. And maybe next year, i am able to pronounce all the brands right.

(PS: I might do another post on my favourite outfits for brand i can pronounce and heard for the first time)



Little fashionary_NY

so many things has happened about the world of politics, we are gonna cover that another time.

Its in-between fashion weeks, of course ,I’m gonna talk about the A/W 2017 or in some cases  S/S 2017 as well.And this year, SO lets talk about fashion, there are some changes in 2017 or right after 2016’s fashion week, some of the creative directors decided to jump ship or with a more classic reasons”change of environment”.Anyways, if u r talented, who i am to judge.

Lets start with the First stop: NYFW

Ps: all the image credited to Vogue.com(my absolute favourite magazine and never response to my job application, so Cheers)


Tommy Hilfiger

For some reasons, i want to talk about the LALA Land .Also, vince beach is definitely my dream wedding place. Anyway,Tommy, you did it again!



Proenza Schouler

This is the first designer handbag i brought after i got my first ever summer job and now the PS1 purple handbag is sitting in my closet since it need to be repaired since their customer service never reply my email. I’m not mad but not cool.

Okay, lets get down to their A/W 2017 collection which described as a love letter to NY, it is simply elegant with designers’ obsession to Blue ( check last years’ collection or don’t, just take my words for it). Despite my personal issues with the brand, all love for the collection.

Marc Jacobs

Man, love your beauty ranges, already stock them for my spring haul. oh, yeah, great show


Dolce &Gabbanna ( i think it took place in Milan so never mind)

the very first time, they brought social influencers #youtubers # fashion blogger down their runway.(shout out to Marcus Bulter)Besides that, the brand always gives the royal vibe and the army of woman.#woman

Philipp Plen

The aggressive and dark collection hit the runway, of course the famous mugshots model Jeremy Meeks

Michel Kors, The era of luxury brand embrace every kinds of body types #ashley Graham. I am very pleased to know the luxury brand got size 0-24. And yet, i still work out daily to fit into my skinny ass jeans.


This year, the NYFW is also about the feminist and human rights. And we love the fact that some designers are able to print them out includes Creature of Comfort, Hrabal Gurung etc.so if you can get one statement Top or if you r short on budgets like me then just print something on your white T.



I just realised there are too many designers with character in NY however  i have reached my limit right here so if u want to know whats trending on NYFW, just remember to google or Baidu (if you r in China) “every shows that Bella Hadid walked”

Okay, u have to understand i hate research  so lets wrap this up then to our next stop.






Self (난)…..


who are you? who am I?
with a simple question and it is complicated enough to get us think
about the past, the present and the future
i was born to be in this world because i have to
i was chosen to go through sorrow and failure
i told myself to be strong
Because i know no matter how many tears i share i am all by myself
I told myself to be true to myself
Because i know all the lies i told the world
I told myself it is okay to give up
Because i know i will not till i run out of hope
the things you heard and the person you know it is merely a illusion i create
Through the mask of lies, deep down we all merely lonely souls try to find the warmth of a loving heart…………




It starts when you feel loved.
It starts when the sun rises day by day
It starts with passion, bravery,reckless and a pure heart


It ends when you start to grow up
It ends when you experience failure and pain
It ends with sorrow,with love,with choice and finally with life


whats your dream?
without knowing, it faded away in the river of time……..