Little fashionary_London

2nd stop: London

If u didn’t read my last post,go back to it or don’t ,please  read this one then.

Still all images credited to both US&UK).

Finally, we r in London now. Wait, u r read about the London fashion week ( wow, this is not sad at all) so cheer up,fam!


Every year, the Burberry show is always the talk of the Tate Britain. Apparently, not all the runway shows go live on Regent street or do they, i don’t know how Brexit works so.

I have to say, the 2017 collection is just on point. The brand create something magical indeed with the basic colour. I mean we can all wear black white and grey.Not a basic girl then wear your jumper strangely or backward. The collection is classic ,feminie and the best of all u can share with your boyfriend. (Well, lets face it, who doesn’t love a charming British gentleman). On a personal level, I had my first job in Burberry retail so i am gonna give this a A+. (its my post so deal with it)


Topshop Unique

This is the brand completed most of  my OOTD. And ithe only brand that i can find the right jeans for my body. Don’t really think i need more caption than that.



Remember my perfect prom and graduation ceremony dress, not recall? never mind cause i never made it.

I guess this year u don’t need a dress since we got some pantsuits. I mean i can never wear these leather shorts without a decent diet but a girl can dream,rights. and i am pretty sure velvet is the new hit and go on get those velvet out ( not corduroy though). My favourite is the soft peach pants with back mash top. I can definitely rock that when i finally knows how to wear heels properly.

Christopher Kane

U know it’s really hard to get the rules of how creative works in human mind.

The brand surely impressed surprised everyone a very graphic and sexual dress back in xxxx. But forget about that (if you can) this year, the brand had the spring floral print and simple British chic.

JW Anderson

Oh, I’m really in love with the pieced handbag. And besides that, i don’t get the hype about the brand. (BTW, where is the runway,maybe profit made by the handbag didn’t boost the sale enough for the brand to get a larger space. )

Versus Versace

I do dig the make up and one-eye hair style.


Love some glitter and diamond or dream of life as Paris Hilton then this is your show. Also,  the make up is really loud, it literally screams  for Peking Opera mins the head sets. Or at least u know whats the Halloween trend for 2017 and it could be kids friendly.



I can finally wear my Dad’s Pleats Jacket and pass as stylish. Thanks to Mulberry, those dated brown dressed in your grandma’s basement, get them out and clean them! u have no idea how . And maybe your duvet cover can come to rescue if u only run out of ideas on what to wear.

Charlottle Olympia

There are always some brands I will try it on and  pick it up whenever i go to the department store,yet, never brave enough to buy it for obvious reasons,Charlotte Olympia is one of them and Hood by Air. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful but i guess i am just not convinced.

Okay, i am gonna put an end on this post. There are over 150 designers from A to Z  and will showcase their work. With all respect, i am not going to cover all of them even though i have not seen Saint Laurent ( maybe I’ve seen similar).

Unfortunately, I  am not going to do Millan &Paris. If you need to get to the details about fashion week , buy a ticket ,fly there. Alternatively ,you can just read the professional reports  from .

Finally, I also want to say thank you to all the designers , tillers and backstage stuff for putting together some amazing shows every year. And maybe next year, i am able to pronounce all the brands right.

(PS: I might do another post on my favourite outfits for brand i can pronounce and heard for the first time)




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