Little fashionary_NY

so many things has happened about the world of politics, we are gonna cover that another time.

Its in-between fashion weeks, of course ,I’m gonna talk about the A/W 2017 or in some cases  S/S 2017 as well.And this year, SO lets talk about fashion, there are some changes in 2017 or right after 2016’s fashion week, some of the creative directors decided to jump ship or with a more classic reasons”change of environment”.Anyways, if u r talented, who i am to judge.

Lets start with the First stop: NYFW

Ps: all the image credited to absolute favourite magazine and never response to my job application, so Cheers)


Tommy Hilfiger

For some reasons, i want to talk about the LALA Land .Also, vince beach is definitely my dream wedding place. Anyway,Tommy, you did it again!



Proenza Schouler

This is the first designer handbag i brought after i got my first ever summer job and now the PS1 purple handbag is sitting in my closet since it need to be repaired since their customer service never reply my email. I’m not mad but not cool.

Okay, lets get down to their A/W 2017 collection which described as a love letter to NY, it is simply elegant with designers’ obsession to Blue ( check last years’ collection or don’t, just take my words for it). Despite my personal issues with the brand, all love for the collection.

Marc Jacobs

Man, love your beauty ranges, already stock them for my spring haul. oh, yeah, great show


Dolce &Gabbanna ( i think it took place in Milan so never mind)

the very first time, they brought social influencers #youtubers # fashion blogger down their runway.(shout out to Marcus Bulter)Besides that, the brand always gives the royal vibe and the army of woman.#woman

Philipp Plen

The aggressive and dark collection hit the runway, of course the famous mugshots model Jeremy Meeks

Michel Kors, The era of luxury brand embrace every kinds of body types #ashley Graham. I am very pleased to know the luxury brand got size 0-24. And yet, i still work out daily to fit into my skinny ass jeans.


This year, the NYFW is also about the feminist and human rights. And we love the fact that some designers are able to print them out includes Creature of Comfort, Hrabal Gurung if you can get one statement Top or if you r short on budgets like me then just print something on your white T.



I just realised there are too many designers with character in NY however  i have reached my limit right here so if u want to know whats trending on NYFW, just remember to google or Baidu (if you r in China) “every shows that Bella Hadid walked”

Okay, u have to understand i hate research  so lets wrap this up then to our next stop.







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