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The take overs in fashion

when u r business major,u tend to think everything in a rational way or that is what u should be.

with my remaining passion towards fashion industry so far, i will discuss some crazy things in fashion industry by uactually put my degree in good use.


Brand take overs

Coach buys Kate Spade New york.

Well, hands down for Coach, great business move  as far as i concerned.  This is for sure a well thought take over.  From a business point, Coach does targeted more customer segments than Kate Spade. THe classical Coach bag and the new come back collection with a series of celebrate support ,also, have mention Ariana Grande ‘s dog. Who thought of that.

Kate spade, on the other hand, well, decent price and weridly though materials on their accessories . It’s hard as rock in a bad way. Besides their fun, bright theme park style, they do lack of copmetitive advantages compare to other brands ( cue the Moschino show).

So in conclusion, it’s win for both sides. BUT we all have wait and see for a long run…


Kors takes Choo

I was a bit shocked when i heard about this ..

why Choo,why, just WHY!!!

i dont really know what actually happened in the Choo house but i really though Choo is doin fine with its Shoe collection . ……..

OKay, now i kinda of get it , i mean besides that, Choo didn’t really put out some high profiled items out there. Yeah, they did luch that collection of  Candy clutch. But Kors sales more on thoes.  Still, Kors does give out some “cheap products ”vibe……

all in all,  personally, i do think Choo is trying to expand their markets. We will come back to this in 6 months….

So if u r here to judge my thoughts then go somewhere else caues my editor already jumped on that.

If u r here to offer more data and share ur thoughts as a customer. Then fire away.


Stay icy~



Did i tell u I am Chinese……

(Did i tell u i speak Chinese and I interns in Hearst Magazine China and this is the kind of article my editor ask me to write and also, i felf bullied and left out in my internship …….so there u go enjoy the death of my writing&fashion  passion



没有大长腿,细脚腕,没关系,maxi dress 给你统统解决。






Gwyneth Paltrow



Selena Gomez

傻脸妹有爱情的滋润穿什么都美,橘色是今年大热的颜色,orange is the new black,领口的的设计和侧面开衩的裙摆,增加了些许性感



这种slip dress 还是那么火,这样的长裙本身就是性感的存在不必再多加其他装饰、简简单单的最美。



▲H&M刺绣棉质连衣裙 RMB799


▲T by alexdra wang 约RMB4850

购买方式:Alexdra Wang 官网




嫌弃自己大腿粗,有想美美的,那midi dress 是最佳选择。










Scarlett Johansson







▲Topshop  Lola Midi Overlay Dress by Lace & Beads 约RMB480

购买方式:topshop 官网

▲Loup Charmant Lucia cotton dress RMB2465


▲Derek Lam 10 Crosby 刺绣伞形连衣裙RMB7185



Mini dress 就是考验身材的时候了,健身房成果拿出来~






Bella Hadid

Dior新设计总监Maria Grazia Chiuri 给Dior 带来了更多的性感和唯美这小裙子也是成为网红爆款,国内外一搜一大把,但还是代言人Bella 穿着更迷人。


Alexa chung







▲Topshop Gingham Bow Sundress 约RMB240


▲SEE BY CHLOÉ饰领巾印花连衣裙 4242RMB


▲ALEXIS Maren裹身式连衣裙RMB5014


就这样,最后,这个夏天用一条连衣裙征服世界, 用一条连衣裙就可以美的过分,走到哪都带风,还等什么,赶紧把连衣裙穿起来~


Reasons for absence

i could have blamed the craziness between China and South Korean .

Or even the depressing yet artistic pics of the former president in Jail .

However, as my therpist told me, i should always tell the truth

So the reasons are the good old depression issues.

It seems like i can’t get anything creative or relatable while i am on an emotional roller coster

surely, the finale of ‘Big Little Lies’ or  binging watching ” 13 reasons Why’ is no help

But i would like to think writing is more of my treatment

so shall we move on ……


They are getting better with our age
They lied  in between with  the ideal of self respect and vanity
they are something i discovered as the beauty of life
they healed our broken heart while we r in hell or could 
they become a major part of our lives until we start to live in a illusion
The more we tell the less real we became

One day we wake up to believe all the lies we tell

Then we became better at avoiding the truth

Then we start to giving up on things we used to know and the self we used to own

no matter how many lies we tell and how real they felt

in the end ,it is just a faded image that keeps our ego going in the light of reminding who we are

I’m okay; I’m happy;I’m successful;I’m real;I’m……
all the fine lies we tell…
Then when will it stop?
it is the questions we will never ask

we would rather living in lies than face the harsh truth that we learned about our self

It does not  last long with others.

But we end up creating a whole story around lies

And it goes on and on until we can’t  tell whats real 


It is the best thing in the world

It is one’s desire 

when u hold on to it , u r the richest one on earth

when u try to search it, u r just as foolish as all of us 

It is something u thought u could have and u need

it becomes one’s destination where u stop  chasing

U though u need it but  in the end it is just an pretty illusion of giving up

in the end, it is the one thing to keep us form being the best version of our self

Don’t waste time on it since it is just like another impulsive affair

Try work till late of the night instead of drinking till u get inspired

It is the  most toxic  of all              

I once pray for the luck of the century  only because i want to live a easy life

Until the day i realise i never had it

i once thought  it belongs to those i despise 

Now i Know i am the one i despise and stop believing

It blurs ur vision and makes u believe the others only success with the help of luck

In the end , it is the strength and diligence make the magic 

If it is not too late  then please release me from Luck

And create my very own magic  with my power 

Pain(고통 ….

It is something you can see but effected u more than anything…
They r invisible but everywhere…
It is in different kinds of forms it is like air But u try so hard to escape….
Some people may say it is just an illusion ……
And u still keep asking yourself how can i get over it…..
It is that type of ex u can not just drink  away or forget…..
It is like quicksand the more you struggle the deeper you r in……
It is unlimited until you decide to go with it and even work with it…………

그래서, 아무것이나 괜찮아.