Nothing will be right unless something is wrong

            U will be no one  until u r somebody

                    we will own nothing unless we lose something

I will be alone until i find a way to see through the darkness

                                we will always be hurt unless we choose to let it go

There will be no answers towards happiness until we start to question the bitterness 

Life is a myth until we learn to regulate it by our own rules




Breaking News in Fashion

Follow up by Trump’s election, it’s an endless of March and statement making. I don’t need to tell u the various of political moves  fashion industry presented to show their strong options on the Trump family.

Instead, there are some rather curious news i read (mainly from Twitter) in fashion had me wonder how far this industry can go.

#1 See now Buy now

Well, i think this is a new business structure which was introduced last year by Burberry.  It becomes quite huge in 2017.

U may think this is to benefit the customers but think again, it’s another brilliant idea for boosting sales. And yet, it is not as successful as the business planned. Let’s just say it is not every brand’s cup of tea unless u r Tommy Hilfiger.

I am quite glad to find out that a lot of brands re-consider this ‘new’ trend.

I mean as a regular shopaholic  i don’t really mind when i get pieces off the runway as long as there are shit loads of people praise about it. 

#2Body confident

The way i approach this which is about control ur body with a healthy lifestyle.

If u r not happy about it then do something about it such as work out and healthy diet.

U do realise those plus-sized people who talk about body confident are famous , popular and financially  stable right?We may have more to lose.

And to hell, if u r bullied or laid off because of ur body size, maybe u should really take a look of urself and think about your lifestlye then make some change. Not to body shaming anyone but blindly follow this whole body confident thing is not the right way.

#3 Uniqlo is threatening to leave U.S

Do we really superised about this? I just want to say “International” might have a really different definition in Trump’s dictionary ( could be in the T-terrorist section)  

#4 3D printing

Hey, think there will not be any sweatshop scandal ( Yo, NIke) and i assume we can figure out a way to make them environmental sustainable.

#5 Rent designer Jewelry 

GO to  $29/month 

#6 The Pepesi Ads 

Only because it is involved Kendall Jenner so its  fashion.

All i can say is the company might need to hire new R&D team or variety race of people or just read the news more.

#7 Robot on Logistic

Remember, we are joking about how Robot gonna take over the world. It’s happening!!!

Take a guess about who is ready to embrace this ? Yeah, it is Amzon. Amzon’s  logistic  department is stepping up the game. ( hey, Topshop, watch and learn! its been a month) 

Remember, u can really know what is going on in the world through Twitter. ( lets hop the whole fake news thing will not happen again)

Okay, i am just gonna go to send an email to Topshop customer service now.


What independent means

We constantly search for the one thing to help us survive in the adult world .

Besides the good old-fashioned ” just fucking grow up”  .

The word’ Independent’ seems like a good concept when it is not involved in the evolution of a nation.

Well, some of the check list below might give u a some ideas on independent or just simply something i experienced in the past few years.

Firstly, i would like each one of u to at least think u r independent or just ignore the fact u r unemployed and live with ur parents.

#1 Ur own bank account which refer to check card instead of credit card

#2 Radom sleepover with someone who u can’t recall their name in the morning

#3 feel fine in Ur tiny one-room apartment

#4 Actually finish shits on ur to-do list

#5Know the laws for every right or wrong reasons

#6 Quit soda &coke and switch to a glass of Rose ( i meant to say it in French)

#7 take time to plan some outings for holiday season ( actually know ur holiday)

#8 Browsing information on OAPs for a rainy day (or just click on some health ads)

#9 keep tacks on ur period and sex life

#10 Go to the gym regularly for some actual work out

#11 Be a Breadcrumbee once a while or willing to be breadcrumbed by people who put their LV on the floor.

#12 Own an extra pair of cheap heels or ZARA dress just for clubbing

#13 A TGIF is about a book or occasionally get drunk on ur own

#14 u can count how many real friends u have who will go to ur dinner party with pizza and booze only.

#15 Climb to the top of the social pyramid insidiously

#16 Woke up in the morning without setting an alarm ( this probably means u r old AF)

#17 ……….

There are just so many ways to prove u r independent  or convince urself  u r actually indeed happy with ur current status.

And maybe just maybe, we can find the opposite of loneliness in life without failing miserably.





Reasons for absence

i could have blamed the craziness between China and South Korean .

Or even the depressing yet artistic pics of the former president in Jail .

However, as my therpist told me, i should always tell the truth

So the reasons are the good old depression issues.

It seems like i can’t get anything creative or relatable while i am on an emotional roller coster

surely, the finale of ‘Big Little Lies’ or  binging watching ” 13 reasons Why’ is no help

But i would like to think writing is more of my treatment

so shall we move on ……


it take places in different forms

when it comes to life, this may be the last thing we search for

in young age, it is the innocent and power of unknown

when time goes by ,it is the one thing we  grow to neglect

it is not what we don’t want it, we just lost the direction to it with age and reality

 At some point, it is the joy of the old but not dead

or we just simply embrace whatever life have installed for us

In this moment, it is every conversation i have without getting depressed over a smidgen of dishonest or sarcasm

maybe just maybe, everything is easier by searching for the true happiness


we may find happiness over the mist of disgruntled crowd or the beginning of the spring

for now happiness=believe+myself




Daily routine_Saturday

Noting is better than starting with a bare face for a video… Because people love an imperfection on successful beings. And that’s how u get the views.

Well, i would like to do that until i figure out the best lighting and natural makeup tricks.

For now, i will show u how spend my lazy Saturday or any day in my life since i am so chill.

If it a TGIF then i will probably woke up at noon.Lets just pretend i woke up in the morning on a Saturday ( just felt wrong to say this).

#1 11AM or later : I woke up and have a glass of cold water to boost my metabolism. Then wash my face and brush my tooth while listening to the Podcast  which I have recently obsessed with. 

#2 I don’t really do much skincare so i just put one Toner from Hera (Korean Brand) or just face mist for an easy fix. Then check Twitter and Insta for daily updates.

#3 I can’t start my day without my Coffee so i’m just put some make up then to Starbucks. I know the Starbucks is like 8 mins walk from my apartment but i just can leave my house without my make up. But it’s like a 8 mins make up with those below. 

Basically, what i need for my coffee run. Suncream from CLINIQUE; Shaaanxo Eye&lip palette from BHcosmetics; Cover FX Foundation 


#4 Yeah, I’m happy now since i had my coffee. Just let the ‘sun’ cure my Friday nights hangover. #skimmed Latte. PS: sometimes ,I m not even bothered to get a coffee i ‘ll just have a cup of tea of my choice. 

#5 Since i am too lazy to turn my laptop or those computer code lessons i decided to take won’t be the best company with my headache. I ‘ll just go # REDOUT. Besides I prefer paper book than Kindle. Also, i am half way of my Korean Vocabulary Book2. # infinite Learning


#5 The day is almost over and i have not had my brunch or dinner. I don’t really plan to but  i am just gonna have a meal.Yes, its cheat day.

#6 Now i have to work out since i had a burger. Then this is where the shower took place. Just between u and me, i can’t take a shower without working out. And i don’t really know why i ‘m not fit like i would image. But well, at least I am healthy. 

#7 Its late of the day, so i don’t really need to show u what I’m doing , u know, Netflix& Chill in a non sexual way or just Youtube and online shopping. 

Well, u have it, this is how a normal or non successful person’s Saturday routine. So don’t fooled by all those daily routine video. I don’t have the time to meet my friend its MA time ( but please go social though).

Anyway, this is probably how i spent my Saturdays or at least i wish i would.

And finally, i just want to remind everyone to enjoy their life and embrace the imperfections of ur life. I mean u r not alone.

Maybe we never had a life like those Social Influencers  u r following but we are trying our best to make our life better everyday. So be proud. 




They are getting better with our age
They lied  in between with  the ideal of self respect and vanity
they are something i discovered as the beauty of life
they healed our broken heart while we r in hell or could 
they become a major part of our lives until we start to live in a illusion
The more we tell the less real we became

One day we wake up to believe all the lies we tell

Then we became better at avoiding the truth

Then we start to giving up on things we used to know and the self we used to own

no matter how many lies we tell and how real they felt

in the end ,it is just a faded image that keeps our ego going in the light of reminding who we are

I’m okay; I’m happy;I’m successful;I’m real;I’m……
all the fine lies we tell…
Then when will it stop?
it is the questions we will never ask

we would rather living in lies than face the harsh truth that we learned about our self

It does not  last long with others.

But we end up creating a whole story around lies

And it goes on and on until we can’t  tell whats real