It is the best thing in the world

It is one’s desire 

when u hold on to it , u r the richest one on earth

when u try to search it, u r just as foolish as all of us 

It is something u thought u could have and u need

it becomes one’s destination where u stop  chasing

U though u need it but  in the end it is just an pretty illusion of giving up

in the end, it is the one thing to keep us form being the best version of our self

Don’t waste time on it since it is just like another impulsive affair

Try work till late of the night instead of drinking till u get inspired

It is the  most toxic  of all              

I once pray for the luck of the century  only because i want to live a easy life

Until the day i realise i never had it

i once thought  it belongs to those i despise 

Now i Know i am the one i despise and stop believing

It blurs ur vision and makes u believe the others only success with the help of luck

In the end , it is the strength and diligence make the magic 

If it is not too late  then please release me from Luck

And create my very own magic  with my power 

Night out tips

Let me clarify before i start getting into this topic.

U know the things u will never tell before  a night out or after.

Well, i  have some basic or essential tips when it comes to a  night out u might be related to.

Firstly, let’s establish one rule: don’t judge (or do  i don’t really give a fuck)

Anyway, this is what i do for  a night out.

Note: this is only applied to Singles (if u r in a relationship then just ask ur better half for advice)



I know this will be TMI but let’s be real, aren’t we all concerned about this. Because u never know, u may just find ur one on  the sticky and crowded  dance floor. I’m not implying that u have to shave if u want to  leave ur V the way it is, then go for it! It is ur choice. However, i always do though since i just felt right.

And the term” get laid” is not only apply to guys so just go for it.

# Dress code

Some people may say dress as little as u can. But girl to girl, i think just have a proper amount of skin. Then u r good to go. U have to know, not everyone will party with a team of security detail. ( if u do then bless u)

We all dress to impress but u don’t have to dress to impress others.

# Have a personality

I know when u r single things can get a bit depressing but  u don’t have to be .  U  just  need to be u and not being so subconscious about if a hot guy gonna notice u. Then u might end up making friends at the end of the nights.

# Pre-drink

Make sure u have some food and yogurt.( not sure why yogurt though)

This just makes sure u don’t get drunk too soon . Also, about pre-drink, a girl should never have too many shots at a pre-drink party. So pace urself, the night is long.

# u don’t have to give ur number to every guy that brought u a drink.

Guys, this is when the fake number and alcohol  come in handy. No one will blame u and also if u r just to nice to turn them down, u don’t need to worry about what to text them when u r sober.

# Don’t be easy.

Just for u know, i have seen a lot of people leave with the first guy who hits on them. I mean, seriously, do u really think a one night stand is how u meet ur futrue husband or wife. Lets be real, it’s just sex.

#A pack of Marlboro without a light

This is a personal thing. Form my experiences, u can have a decent talk with someone during  one cigarette . If u r okay with smoking then this tip is gold. (FYI, I’m not a regular smoker but i do smoke when the opportunity presents themselves.

#Just relaxed and have fun, make sure u went back home safely.


Well, that is about it. I know in some culture, clubbing sounds like a really bad idea. But for me, as long as u r going to legal places under a legal age then u r allowed to have a life. Also, remember, a night out is about fun instead of mating. If u r really looking for a relationship then i suggest u try Tinder.








What CVs actually said

DO u still remember how excited u were when u graduated form uni and all ready to conquer the world💪?

I sure remember how proud i am when i wrote my resume or Curriculum Vitae ( if anyone even bothered to Google the term👁)

Then, when my email is loaded with’ sorry,unfortunately,maybe and followed with a hash no. i started to feel like i have had a terrible flu which i will never recover from😷.

AND Maybe this is what i should have put in my CV or just slip a email for any HR department.

After all, we all get our confident crashed at some point so why just save the bull shits which people might just end up skipping .

So there is what CVs are meant to say:


To  "whoever in charge",

before u make a call to deliver the bad news

Please hear me out

I'm in the point that I am ashamed of taking money from my parents whom never believe me enough to let me go.

Tired of seating in my chair and doing some projects that no one gives a fuck. And yet, I think it's meant something.

I m also experienced depression and may have passed it whenever people tell me I can't .

I have been told so many things but they all have the same message started with "No'".I'm not proud anymore or to anyone.

I still try not to waste or freeze my brain cells by challenging myself with things I haven't heard of.

So far, all I experienced is the anger and pity to myself while watching others success.

I have been somebody 's daughter , sister, friend, girlfriend, classmate for so long the only thing I want is to have my own" 's"

I know no company with a high profile will hire a person with little or even zero experience like me and I respect that.

However, the only thing I can promise is to give my every bit of hard work as any human has.

All I ask is an opportunity to be able to live my life . Take me as a charity case or a risk or whatever u think I am

But in the end, I am willing to work hard, fight for a better version of me and not let me down. At last, what I have is respect to myself.

Now feel free to add another stroke to my list of rejections.

Pain(고통 ….

It is something you can see but effected u more than anything…
They r invisible but everywhere…
It is in different kinds of forms it is like air But u try so hard to escape….
Some people may say it is just an illusion ……
And u still keep asking yourself how can i get over it…..
It is that type of ex u can not just drink  away or forget…..
It is like quicksand the more you struggle the deeper you r in……
It is unlimited until you decide to go with it and even work with it…………

그래서, 아무것이나 괜찮아.


it  is often associated with the truthful of heart…
it is one of the reason that we still stand up high…
it is the main thing to drug us out of the miserable state…..
                            when the world starts crushing and everything u see is darkness and everywhere u stand tends to be a quicksand……
it is the only thing that keeps u breathing and keep ur mind right…
and then u realize it is just like magic because it is only exits in between lies…….

All the sh*t i could have said

I might arrive in a stage of my life that i need to speak out and  just vent


image credited to

In my years, I have been rejected in jobs,school and people and still. i never once lose myself just simply because I disagree. People have constantly judge me by my education and looks. Now , i have had enough.

# i am a feminist

# i know i am not great but i fucking try to be better

# i have been through hell and still in the dark so stop pointing figures on my life

# i do have my own option and thoughts

#i don’t have many things but pride is one last thing i will never give up on

# i do have a suicide note in my laptop somewhere 

#i do want to plan my death

# Yes, i have Cyclothymia  

# i am tired of people sugar-coating everything 

# I was raised rich but not anymore

#i keep it to myself because i don’t want to lie to anyone

# don’t ever promise my anything since u can’t keep them 

# don’t ever slander me in front of my parents

# i do think i am adopted

#i don’t talk trash because i know better and raised with kind 

Finally, i  just want to  tell those who r going through depression , that u have been through  what others could not image and yet, u r still willing to fight through it so u will be fine and u r fine. 

u r much stronger than u thought and  u need no fix. 







Little Fashionary_ Trend

As always all the image credited to Vogue (most of it)

I know the fashion week is still going strong but i think we have seen it all, so we r going to take on the trend  train🚄 with fashion and beauty to a glamour hopefully. 🙏

BTW, do u girl realised how many cheeky terms used in fashion,‘ #HIT or MISS’ and then what?’Goal’🏀; or the #RIDE or DIE🏍 products, i mean seriously, that’s some fucked messages for the youth; also, the ‘#HOLY GRAIL🏆’,i mean r we in an episode of Shadow Hunters ☁️or what. Dare to predict the next beauty tag, i reckon something form the early Medieval’s or anything onomatopoeia  words 🐦related to ‘buy till die’.💰

Anyway, lets start with the most controversy topic👀 and I’m sure it won’t going anywhere.



i don’t own any of them if u have to ask.

From her most famous lip products to literally everything  , u can tell that anything attached with the Kardashian🍑 family is a trend.

When u look at the official price, it is not that bad i would say but honestly👁, u can find so many products that is 80% similar and it 100% easy to buy. I mean u basically can find swatches for every Kylie products from ColourPop. The best part, it will be legit and won’t go up $1000 on eBay💰.

All i have for the Kylie trend is, # ‘what’s wrong with Colour pop, its only $5 a pop and it still makes ur eye pop. ‘

#Metallic _Head to Toe

Okay, i can deal with the whole metallic boots. It is definitely  a fashion statement when u r too lazy to put on a get a photogenic in the morning then u just put on some killer shoes✨. However, Metallic everywhere, it is a really loud outfit and im pretty sure it will attract some unwanted attention. 👁

Maybe for a night out then I am all in or just dacing without a Disco ball. 💃


# Colour correcting 

Jump on this trend last year but i just don’t get how it makes a different. ( maybe thats why i am not a beauty blogger)

I have watched a lot of beauty videos on colour correct products form NYX,Urban Decay, Stila to YSL and Dior Beauty etc.


I just don’t see how it ends up different from a good old concealer besides adding more steps for a simple make up routine.⏰So my take on this is just, save ur money on something else, but if they are  sent to u by PR then make a review video .( who cares if u r using it daily)

#The  Saint Laurent Boots

It sparkles and it is ‘every editor wants'( Julia Hobbs).What more do we want, i have seen every fashion bloggers rave about the Saint Laurent boots✨.


Also, i own a pair of boots from saint Laurent boots, but god, I ‘m not feeling it and its  just a ‘NO‘ for me.

Lets be real now, what happened to Saint Laurent besides the departure of Hedi Slimane? 👀I mean i know collaboration in fashion industry is trendy, but when Dior reminds u of Valentino❀ and Saint Laurent reminds u of leather rain coats 🌧…. i just can’t see anyone ‘ride or die’ for this one.

#Furry slippers

I heard a lot of fashion people have decided to get over this trend, but lets just wing in for a moment. Can we just take a moment and think about when will u wear those shoes besides  at home, clean and sunny LA streets or u r too rich to care about the heavy rain🌧 and snow❄️ .(well, if u have gold or cash displayed in ur house then do whatever u desire)


Yeah, just go ahead tell me ur feet is feeling good when u wear this  within blow zero degree. 😢For this trend, i just can’t see its perks in any circumstances except its GUCCI.

#Clear sunglasses 👓

It is for sure a HIT🔥 for me, i mean its GOAL. Why not, a pair of sunglass that i can wear indoors then hell to the yeah. I know the Yellow coloured sunglass its tendy too, but just be careful when u choose the coloured sunglass in case u end up looking alike some insects.😎

#Smudged on purpose Lips

I found this makeup trend is quite useful. U know it’s literally kiss-proof 👄and whatelse   u need when u r making out besides a ‘flawless’ make up.💑



#squad goal 👬

#Feminist 💪

# free the boobs

#dress over pants or shirt👗

#anything Vetements

There are just so many tends in or off fashion week. We r always chasing it no matter🏃🏃 what causes u know how it is:

‘In fashion, one day u r in then u will never out.’

💕In summary, the best”HIT” in fashion, for me, is to find ur kind of fashion bloggers then ‘stalking’ them on Instagram. 📱


All love💕