it is a tough topic to talk about, so i will skip my usual jokes.

Firsly of all, this is happening in every cultural, every industry and most imprantly ,everyone’s personal life.

For me, when i reflect on my life. i have a period that i balmes myself for whatever happened on me (the reason for my depression)

(okay, i’ll fucking skip those misreable past since i need to move on)

And with all the experiences i went through, i am as well a victim of bully.

For the record, when u r been bullied u will know. People may  not realize they r bulling someone but the victim will know.

There are so many reason that people are been bullied but for whatever reason ,IT IS NOT OKAY.

# u r the newbie

#u r fat

#u t the DUFF

#u r not from here

#  u r from the hood


take a look of people around me and tell me if u felt down simply because someone’s comments

People who are famous, they r bing cyber-bullied by those who hide behind a screen


so whereever u r, stand up and speak out






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