What independent means

We constantly search for the one thing to help us survive in the adult world .

Besides the good old-fashioned ” just fucking grow up”  .

The word’ Independent’ seems like a good concept when it is not involved in the evolution of a nation.

Well, some of the check list below might give u a some ideas on independent or just simply something i experienced in the past few years.

Firstly, i would like each one of u to at least think u r independent or just ignore the fact u r unemployed and live with ur parents.

#1 Ur own bank account which refer to check card instead of credit card

#2 Radom sleepover with someone who u can’t recall their name in the morning

#3 feel fine in Ur tiny one-room apartment

#4 Actually finish shits on ur to-do list

#5Know the laws for every right or wrong reasons

#6 Quit soda &coke and switch to a glass of Rose ( i meant to say it in French)

#7 take time to plan some outings for holiday season ( actually know ur holiday)

#8 Browsing information on OAPs for a rainy day (or just click on some health ads)

#9 keep tacks on ur period and sex life

#10 Go to the gym regularly for some actual work out

#11 Be a Breadcrumbee once a while or willing to be breadcrumbed by people who put their LV on the floor.

#12 Own an extra pair of cheap heels or ZARA dress just for clubbing

#13 A TGIF is about a book or occasionally get drunk on ur own

#14 u can count how many real friends u have who will go to ur dinner party with pizza and booze only.

#15 Climb to the top of the social pyramid insidiously

#16 Woke up in the morning without setting an alarm ( this probably means u r old AF)

#17 ……….

There are just so many ways to prove u r independent  or convince urself  u r actually indeed happy with ur current status.

And maybe just maybe, we can find the opposite of loneliness in life without failing miserably.






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