They are getting better with our age
They lied  in between with  the ideal of self respect and vanity
they are something i discovered as the beauty of life
they healed our broken heart while we r in hell or could 
they become a major part of our lives until we start to live in a illusion
The more we tell the less real we became

One day we wake up to believe all the lies we tell

Then we became better at avoiding the truth

Then we start to giving up on things we used to know and the self we used to own

no matter how many lies we tell and how real they felt

in the end ,it is just a faded image that keeps our ego going in the light of reminding who we are

I’m okay; I’m happy;I’m successful;I’m real;I’m……
all the fine lies we tell…
Then when will it stop?
it is the questions we will never ask

we would rather living in lies than face the harsh truth that we learned about our self

It does not  last long with others.

But we end up creating a whole story around lies

And it goes on and on until we can’t  tell whats real 


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