It is the best thing in the world

It is one’s desire 

when u hold on to it , u r the richest one on earth

when u try to search it, u r just as foolish as all of us 

It is something u thought u could have and u need

it becomes one’s destination where u stop  chasing

U though u need it but  in the end it is just an pretty illusion of giving up

in the end, it is the one thing to keep us form being the best version of our self

Don’t waste time on it since it is just like another impulsive affair

Try work till late of the night instead of drinking till u get inspired

It is the  most toxic  of all              

I once pray for the luck of the century  only because i want to live a easy life

Until the day i realise i never had it

i once thought  it belongs to those i despise 

Now i Know i am the one i despise and stop believing

It blurs ur vision and makes u believe the others only success with the help of luck

In the end , it is the strength and diligence make the magic 

If it is not too late  then please release me from Luck

And create my very own magic  with my power 


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