Musical ly_ Vibe

🎵🎵’raindrops, drop top,……‘ if u don’t know how this song goes then U suckssssss 👅👅( don’t take it personally, I don’t really know how this goes unless i actually listen to it)

And now🎵‘dab right, dab left,double dabs‘ 🎵if u r not following, then I really can’t help you anymore.

But a great man/woman.🎓once said’ we shall never give up its a saying so don’t judge

Now, I am  gonna show u my most played music or you can go to the iTunes charts for top 10 of the week.🎵If you are some Android hard-core then fuck Apple📱, I got u covered. Not really, cause i m Apple all the way, I suggest you do too, since the Samsung incident.💣

 I just want to let you guys know, I’m international💃 so I’ll include both Western & K-pop.

By now, I think you have noticed that i am not hot on music😔 besides listening to it🎧.But so what, if u ain’t got the talent,find something alternatively. 🎧🕶Without us listeners no music or musician can afford a house with a swim pool 🏊and 5+rooms.🏡 Yet, they still charge 💰us and expected us to download their music legally ( the society rises hackers) that’s also why i don’t really listen to Taylor Swift’s songs anymore.🐍🐍👀

🎵Eillboard  Tops🎵 (Its Erina’s Billboard and I try to be original)

Big Sean_Bounce backYes, this is my No.1 song 👌. Honestly, the entire album’ I decided’ is the bomb. Big Sean may not be big in size  but sure big on music.( Don’t think dirty here)😉

The chainsmokers_Paris🇫🇷I would have all the songs of the Chainsmokers but since they have got a new single so why not. FYI, i don’t really get the Music Video, i mean its like the movie UP but in a different directions with Martha Hunt👩  instead of  elderly widower Carl. 🎈👴

💕💕Migos_Bad and boujee Remember the song in the beginning, there you go. Now you know how the songs goes. If this is the first time you hear this song then I suggest u get hooked  cause seriously ,where have you been all this time!🌍

Kygo&Selena gomezWell, well, well, who we have here, the Queen of Instagram 📱(not Kylie Jenner if u r thinking and I’m pretty sure, Kylie Jenner calls herself King). Selena Gomez!👑With selena, all I have is love,the  girl has been through a lot so leave her alone besides she sounds really amazing with this strong vocal🌹

Ed sheeran_Shape of You  Remember the A team, I did, i really thought it’s a love song about Angle👼 but no, it’s about a street girl. Still love his songs😎though  who cares what the song is about ( besides TS’s song).

Ariana Grande_Every day Hey girl💕, who cares if she act like a Diva or have someone carry her around👮, her music is awesome as far as I’m concerned !

And Fame✨ really can change someone , u know.(I watched Victorious and once had Bieber fever).

Alessia Cara_How far i’ll go💕💕💕L.O.V.E, my god , I just really into every song and extremely related to the lyrics📒i mean download the whole album please.

Conor Maynard,Kris Kross Amsterdam& Ty Dolla $ign_Are u sure?FINALLY,a new track from this one!Can we just take a minute and appreciate how funny Conor Maynard is on YouTube.

With talent and humour if only he can be good-looking as his brother Jake, he would   be on my No.2 celebrity  i would …. (PG18🚫)( i had Zac Efron as NO.1.)

Troye Sivan_Heaven🙏First of all, I’m pro LGBT🌈. Also how can you not into Troye and his music. And this song has a great message to the  world. Remember, it is okay to be different, don’t never let the society change who u r an u r enough.  #be u

Shawn Mendes_Mercy😢I only listened to this song because i watched Clever News about it. I bet young love is rough. #single like me

Tyga_Molly 💊 It is not about a girl named Molly. ❌I didn’t put a link on this song since the title is pretty obvious and not really encourage good lifestyle. But it a great party🎉song though. And please don’t google Molly.💻


Lana del ray_Love

Oh Wonder_Heart hope


Those 3 songs are always played while i can’t sleep. It just put me in a calm mood And i know Lana del ray’s Love is quite new but her song is sure a goodnight jam. 😴


✨✨✨I know you may be complaining about there is no songs from Drake , Rihanna or Adele. But really, i don’t think i need to put them on since its pretty obvious everyone listen to their songs (24/7). 💕💕💕💕

Damn👁,it gets a bit long since I got into #FBF#TBT in some point also I do apologise for my lack of professionalism  on music .

Finally, 🍺🍷Turn up the music & Let’s just dance🎉🎉🎉💃💃

#good vibe only ❤️







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